Join our Pictureproducts Project!

Turn your child’s treasured memories into durable, high-quality melamine Pictureplates that will last a lifetime!

Both decorative and useful, Pictureplates are simply beautiful. Children love eating off their very own Pictureplates, and as the years go by and they grow up and have their own families, their Pictureplates will bring back memories of those happy childhood years.

For a functional keepsake, a melamine Pictureclock, or MDF Small Clock, can be mounted on the wall to keep your child’s precious artworks permanently on display. We are also offering a range of other products decorated with your child’s artwork, such as plastic or ceramic mugs, water bottles, calendars, tote bags and pencil cases.

Your child can use photos, markers, hand and footprints and paints to create their artworks, and you can order as many copies of your products as you’d like, so it’s a fantastic gift idea for grandparents and family members. What will your child draw?

How to get involved

We’d love for you to join in this exciting and creative activity. Just choose which products you’d like to order, and how many of each product you would like and complete the template. 

Everyone has been provided with pictureplate drawing paper.  If you require more or would like drawing paper for one of the other products they will be available in the foyer.  Alternatively, you can print your own drawing paper at

  1. Complete your payment online using the Store.
  2. Place completed template in the marked box at kinder with your child’s details.


  • Online payment due Friday 20th September, 2019.
  • Templates can be done at home and must be returned by Friday 20th September, 2019.
  • We expect to be handing out the finished products by 9th December, 2019.